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Chapter 1: Meeting the ManEdit

Pinkie Pie stood in front of the mirror in her dormitory fiddling with her hair. Her roommate Twilight Sparkle was on her bed reading a book, which she looked up from. "Pinkie, it's almost time for class! Hurry up!" "Sorry," Pinkie replied. She quit fiddling and caught up with Twilight as they headed for Science.

Prof. Burn was teaching, and he rapped on his desk. "You girls are late! I'm going to give you two tardy slips. See Miss Luna after school." He handed them pink slips of paper. Twilight looked like she wished the Earth would swallow her right now. Pinkie looked at her friend as they took their seats. "Twilight, I'm so sorry! It was my fault." 

Twilight placed a hand on Pinkie's shoulder. "No, Pinkie, it's not." Pinkie smiled at her. After their classes ended, Pinkie and Twilight trudged to detention. Pinkie sat in a seat next to a boy with curly brown hair. He smiled at her, and she smiled back. "Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie!" "I'm Cheese Sandwich!" 

Chapter 2: The CrushEdit

"I tell you, Twilight, it's true love!" Pinkie said. She was in a dress, as she and Cheese were going on a date. "Mm-hmm," Twilight replied, absorbed in a world of science.

A couple hours later, Pinkie returned. Applejack met her in an unused classroom. "Howdy, there, Pinkie. How'd your date go?" "Amazingly amazing!" "Great, then!" 

Several weeks later, Pinkie was seated on her bed, crying her eyes out.